The webinar on repository interoperability and harvesting is hosted by the LIBSENSE Working Group on Infrastructure (for OA journals, repositories, and discovery services).


The need for critical information sharing in Africa is vital to its growth and development for community-based solutions and transcending the continent’s social and cultural impact. Surveys show that there are very few national repositories harvesting metadata from the IR of their institutions and virtually no regional harvester on the continent. This webinar will look at the few examples of harvesting that have emerged from the continent and discuss the issues of repository interoperability as a path towards effective harvesting and institutional/national/regional repository development.

The webinar will discuss harvesting approaches, metadata cleaning and common approaches to describing resources in repositories and metadata/data exchange and what roles NRENs play. We will consider the example of the draft LIBSENSE [Metadata]/Data Exchange Model Agreement. We will also look at the role of the different stakeholders in contributing to the harvesting of data and what roles NRENs play in contributing to the infrastructure required to implement a successful and interoperable harvester.


Participants will

  • Gain insights into the methodologies and workflow approaches for repositories metadata/data harvesting based on the use cases and presentations by the speakers
  • Benefit from the roles and contributions NRENs play in the provision of a national harvester
  • Define potential roadmaps for national and regional data harvesting of repositories in Africa.

Moderators: Bebe Chang and Owen Iyoha, Infrastructure WG Co-Chairs

Target Audience: Repository managers, librarians, researchers, NREN operators, Interested LIBSENSE community members

Date: Monday, 26 October 2020.   Time:  14:00 UTC.  Duration: 90 minutes

Recording: View here


14:00 – 14:05 Welcome remarks by Moderator Bebe Chang, Digital & Archives Librarian, Nova Southeastern University
14:05 – 14:20 Institutional and National Repositories Interoperability in Tanzania Daniel Deogratus, Systems Librarian, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania
14:20 – 14:35 National ETD Portal South African theses and dissertations Hussein Suleman, Head of Department and Professor, Department of Computer Science, School of IT, University of Cape Town, South Africa
14:35 – 14:50 Planning Towards a National Repository Owen Iyoha, General Manager: Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative, Lagos, Nigeria
14:50 – 15:05 Update on DATAD-R Abednego Corletey, IT Specialist, Association of African Universities, Accra, Ghana
15:05 – 15:25 Q&A and General Discussion All – Speakers and Attendees
15:25 – 15:30 Closing remarks Bebe Chang