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  • What is LIBSENSE?
    LIBSENSE is a continent-wide initiative to expand open science in Africa based on strategies and solutions that work in the African context. Launched in 2017, LIBSENSE brings together major players in Africa to advance open science, bridging across countries and stakeholder communities. At the same time, LIBSENSE engages in South-South collaborations with Latin America and internationally to ensure Africa’s perspective is represented in global discussions and that good practices and standards are applied in the African context. LIBSENSE is a collaboration of organisations with participation from key organisations in Africa, including WACREN and its sister regional research networks - the Ubuntunet Alliance and ASREN, Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l'Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES), the Digital Science and Technology Network (DSTN) - a network of African Centres of Excellence, and internationally with the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), which has a long history of enabling access to knowledge through libraries in developing countries to support sustainable development. LIBSENSE is currently funded through the AfricaConnect project, with significant in-kind contributions from partner organisations.
  • What are the core objectives of LIBSENSE?
    LIBSENSE has four main objectives:
    1. to support cultural change,
    2. to provide technical support,
    3. to build capacity,
    4. and to develop value-added services.
  • What comprises of the LIBSENSE community?
    The LIBSENSE Community is composed of institutional librarians, researchers, editors, publishers, funding organisations, research and education networks, and communities of practice among others
  • Who can join LIBSENSE?
    Any qualified librarian, institutional library, researcher, publisher, editor, library funding organisation, research and education network, library tech developer etc can join LIBSENSE.
  • Any financial commitment to be made?
    For now, no financial commitment is required. However, LIBSENSE, to be able to undertake its ambitious activities, needs the support of individuals, funding bodies and groups. Your donation is welcome and would be appreciated.
  • What is coverage of LIBSENSE?
    The scope and activities transcend the whole of Africa.
  • Who are the partners?
    LIBSENSE partners include WACREN, ASREN, UbuntuNet Alliance, AfricaConnect3, GÉANT, EIFL, NII and COAR. These partners collaboratively work towards the achieving the objectives of LIBSENSE through joint activities including workshops, trainings, surveys, publications, advocacy, infrastructure etc.
  • How can I join LIBSENSE?
    Easy. Send a mail with your profile to libsense@ren.africa Managers of the programme would reach out to you as soon as convenient.
  • Ask a Question
    Are your questions not answered? Make more enquiries at libsense@ren.africa