WACREN is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Femi Qudus Arogundade as our new open science community manager. With a rich background as a microbiologist, public health instructor, open science consultant, and open peer review operations specialist, Mr Arogundade’s diverse expertise perfectly aligns with the needs of our growing community. His experience in research, education, and community engagement will undoubtedly bring our team a new level of excellence.

Mr Arogundade’s leadership in maintaining an engaged community will revolutionise our Open Access initiatives. These initiatives go beyond providing affordable and faster access to cutting-edge research findings. They are about fostering robust communities of practice around open science. By championing open peer reviewing and preprints, Mr Arogundade reinforces our commitment to democratising access to scholarly publications and scientific knowledge across Africa. His efforts will significantly contribute to building capacity for open peer reviewing and increasing preprint uptake, ultimately fostering innovation, accelerating research progress, and addressing local and regional challenges more effectively through shared knowledge and collaboration.

In his new position, Mr Arogundade will play a crucial part in establishing a public health research network in collaboration with various stakeholders in the newly formed Coalition for Open Access Publishing of Public Health in Africa. His role will be key in supporting infrastructure development for a Preprint Repository and an Open Peer Review platform and coordinating a Peer Review and Open Publishing Pilot Course for African researchers.

We are excited to welcome Femi to the WACREN team as a Community Manager and eagerly anticipate his contributions toward achieving our shared goals.