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Speech by minister of Education Download
Speech by Minister of education Prof Tahir Mamman at Open science symposium Abuja. pdf / 1.25 MB
Speech by the UK High Commission at the LIBSENSE Symposium in Abuja Speech Download
This is the opening address by Susan Mshana, Deputy Development Director at the British High Commission, Nigeria, for the FCDO Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI). The speech was delivered at the 8th LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium in Abuja on September 13, 2023. pdf / 86.88 KB
Enhancing National Research and Education (NREN) Engagement on Campus Presentations Download
This is a presentation on NRENs and campus networks. Presented by Ahmed Isah Chafe, Director, ICT Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto pdf / 635.26 KB
Open Science Facilitation – Libraries as Essential Enablers Presentations Download
A paper presented by Professor Jibril Attahiru Alhassan, Chairman, AULNU, at the National Open Science Symposium Nigeria pdf / 400.92 KB
Calls for immediate and affordable access to knowledge Presentations Download
This single slide shows that some world super powers are entrenching the need for open access to knowledge in the fabric of their society. Presentation by Omo Oaiya on day 2 of the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Nigeria pdf / 16.71 KB
Increasing the Visibility and Impact of Nigerian Research Presentations Read Article
This presentation was shared at the LIBSENSE-DOAJ-DOAB Webinar on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Dr Tom Olijhoek (DOAJ Head of Outreach and Advocacy & DOAB Consultant for African Outreach) discussed the current representation of African journals on DOAJ and the plan to change the status quo.
Advancing Open Science in Africa: LIBSENSE and AfricaConnect3 Initiatives Presentations Download
On day 1 of the Sierra Leone Open Science Symposium, Omo Oaiya walked participants through the conception, activities, impact and future of the LIBSENSE programme. pdf / 687.07 KB
Collaboration for Sustainable Open Access Publishing in Africa Presentations Download
In this presentation on day 2 of the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium in Sierra Leone, Omo Oaiya (LIBSENSE Coordinator) highlighted an impending three-year project to bolster no-fee open access (diamond OA) publishing in Africa. The project will empower the African diamond OA community by establishing cost-efficient, collaborative publishing structures and workflows at institutional, national, and continental levels. pdf / 629.32 KB
NRENs as Providers of Open Infrastructure Presentations Download
In this presentation at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium, Dr. Thomas Songu (CEO of SLREN) highlighted the stature, resources, services and plans of SLREN that position it as a provider of open infrastructure to advance open science in Sierra Leone. pdf / 1.41 MB
Libraries as Enablers of Open Science Presentations Download
In this presentation to the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium, Prof. Miriam Conteh (LIBSENSE Coordinator & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, IPAM, University of Sierra Leone) proposed and expatiated on the vital roles of libraries and librarians in advancing open science in Africa and especially Sierra Leone. pdf / 872.32 KB
Strengthening National Systems – Innovating with Openness Speech Download
Prof. Osman Sankoh (COR, UNIMTECH, Kissy Dockyard, Freetown) addressed the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium  - Sierra Leone titled 'Strengthening National Systems – Innovating with Openness'. In his speech, he outlines two assumptions: that "national systems" refer to the infrastructure enabling open science and that "innovating with openness" involves using open science for innovation within these systems. He underscores the shift toward open science, which fosters inclusivity and involves transparent access to data, methodologies, and findings. pdf / 108.54 KB
Research Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in the Age of Open Science (Embracing New Paradigms) Presentations Download
Rashid Ansumana, PhD - the Dean, School of Community Health Sciences, Njala University, presented on the 'Research Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in the Age of Open Science (Embracing New Paradigms)'. His presentation centred on how research collaboration has journeyed to today and where it is heading. He presented at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Sierra Leone pdf / 1.39 MB