A new wave is blowing across Africa’s research data management (RDM) landscape through the LIBSENSE Early Career Researcher (ECR) Programme, starting with ongoing initiatives in Ghana and Nigeria.

The LIBSENSE ECR programme, a collaborative effort supported by the FCDO-UK and the AfricaConnect3 project, aims to support the development and empowerment of early career researchers in Africa. Focusing on best practices in RDM and research ethics, the program fosters the formation of ECR Advocacy Groups. These groups, composed of librarians, research administrators, and academics, collaborate to advance institutional and national RDM policies and practices. By promoting open science and responsible research processes, the LIBSENSE ECR programme seeks to enhance research visibility, transparency, and quality across the African continent with your invaluable support.

The two successful workshops, held in Lagos and Accra earlier this year, were instrumental in mobilising two Early Career Researcher Groups (ECRs) in Ghana and Nigeria. These workshops disseminated international best practices on RDM and fostered a community of practice on RDM and research ethics, thereby enhancing awareness and knowledge in these areas.