Building capacity for open access publishing in public health:  An Open Science webinar from LIBSENSE & PublicHealth.Africa 

Date and time: 10am UTC, Wednesday June 29th, 2022.

Purpose: To present and discuss the results of a study of open access parameters in African public health journals, share good practices and discuss an education programme to facilitate open publishing in Africa.

Participants: Participants in the LIBSENSE – PublicHealth.Africa research project and wider members of the collaboration; African journal editors; librarians, World Association of Medical Editors; other interested people and organisations.

Organising group: Omo Oaiya (WACREN), Iryna Kuchma (EIFL), Dominc Dankwah (UHAS), Khalif Bile (SHAJ), Maggie Winker (WAME), Modibo Sangre (UMali), Dick Heller (Peoples-Praxis).


  • Introduction: open science in Africa and the LIBSENSE/PHA project.
  • Results of LIBSENSE/PHA project. 
  • OA publishing guidance. 
  • Q&A and discussion to include shared experiences from African journals.
  • Next steps: planning an education programme.

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