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UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science Presentations Read Article
Dr. Martiale Zebaze Kana of the UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa shared on the cradle, highlights, values and principles of open science.
Towards Open Access and Open Science: The role of Botswana Library and Information Centres in BotsREN Presentations Read Article
Iryna Kuchma, the Open Access Programme Manager shared this presentation at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium in Botswana. The thrust of the presentation was on the diverse roles of library stakeholders in advancing open access and open science in the Botswana
Open Science: What Next? Presentations Read Article
Dr Kostas Glinos, a science and technology policy expert's presentation was on open science has revolutionalise the study of science. He also shared on the future of open science and how local and international stakeholders can help to advance open science.
The Value of Open Science to Early Career Researchers Presentations Download
This presentation by Dr. Tom Tagoe centred on the aspect of open science that is most relevant to early career researchers and how this aspect help to meet their research needs. pdf / 1.02 MB
LIBSENSE – Strengthening Open Science in Africa Presentations Download
The presentation centered on the strategy, activities, impact and next steps for the LIBSENSE programme. Presentation was done by LIBSENSE Coordinator, Omo Oaiya, at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Ghana. pdf / 705.21 KB
The Library as Enabler of Open Science Presentations Download
The Chair of CARLIGH, Dr. Mac-Anthony Cobblah did the presentation at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Ghana. The emphasis was on how librarians perceive and contribute to the open science movement and its principles. pdf / 844.15 KB
Science Communication in Open Science Era Presentations Download
The presentation highlights the importance and opportunities science communication offers to the open science movements. It describes the various platforms and tactics that can be adopted to enhance science communication in the era of open science. pdf / 397.63 KB
Ideas on Open Science for Public Health in Africa Presentations Download
This presentation focuses on the results and implications of a research jointly conducted by PublicHealth.Africa and LIBSENSE to discover the proportion of African journals in Public Health that publish their articles in various categories of open access. The presentation was done at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Ghana. pdf / 530.30 KB
NRENs as providers of Open Scholarly Infrastructure: How GARNET Supports Open Science in Ghana Presentations Download
This presentation highlights the actions GARNET has and is still taking to support the building blocks of open science in Ghana. This was presented at the LIBSENSE Open Science Symposium - Ghana in Accra on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022. pdf / 688.17 KB
Open Access Publication in Public Health Research in African Journals Presentations Download
A presentation made by Dominick Adjei Dankwa on the results of the collaborative work between LIBSENSE and Public Health.Africa. Presented at the LIBSENSE-PHA webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. pdf / 558.79 KB
LIBSENSE: An African Framework for Sustainable Open science Presentations Download
Oma Oaiya, CSO of  WACREN presented at the LIBSENSE-PublicHealth.Africa webinar on open access publication of public health research, on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 on Zoom. pdf / 401.49 KB
LIBSENSE-DORA Webinar on Research Assessment in Africa Presentations Download Read Article
This is a combination of the presentation slides of various speakers at the LIBSENSE-DORA Webinar on Research Assessment in Africa. The webinar was held in March 2022. The purpose of the one-hour webinar is to discuss how open science practices and research assessment reform may be integrated into regional assessment policies across African higher education institutions, taking cognizance of all the contextual peculiarities. pdf / 1.42 MB