The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) and the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH) have agreed to cooperate towards the delivery of relevant infrastructure and interoperable open scholarly services to enhance the delivery of research, teaching and learning in higher education institutions in Ghana.

The two organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding to guide their steps in this cooperation. The signing ceremony was held at the LIBSENSE National Open Science Symposium in Accra on October 19, 2022

The move by GARNET and CARLIGH demonstrates their alignment with trends in scientific research and scholarly publishing championed by the open access and open science movements.

Under this cooperation, the two organisations, with the support of the Library Support for Embedded NREN Services and E-infrastructure (LIBSENSE) and the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN), will explore the use of federated identities to simplify access to academic and research services. When realised, all libraries, researchers and students under the GARNET, CARLIGH umbrella will have a single sign-on credential to access library resources and services across Africa and the World.

Under this MoU, the two organisations will also explore the provision of national platforms for repositories and scholarly publishing, data management services and storage, library management systems, learning management systems and other systems relevant to their respective communities.

GARNET and CARLIGH have also agreed to cooperate on capacity building to enhance the skillset and delivery of academic services and explore ways of improving membership to ensure quality service delivery to their communities.

It is expected that the outputs of the efforts by the two organisations will foster robust, open science practices and culture within Ghana’s research and education landscape.