Following the establishment of the National Open Science Policy Development taskforce, MTHE, SLREN, and SLWS propose to host a two-day workshop to validate the National Open Science Policy on the first day and on the following day,  towards establishing a national platform for Academic Publishing for Sierra Leone.  The academic publishing workshop on Day 2 will explore how the methodologies and networks of SLWS can be adapted/strengthened for scientific literature, thereby enhancing the visibility and accessibility of Sierra Leonean research.


  1. Validate the National Open Science policy
  2. Assess the current landscape of scientific publishing in Sierra Leone, identifying gaps and opportunities.
  3. Determine how the Sierra Leonean Writers Series can serve as a template or partner for scientific publishing.
  4. Engage with diverse stakeholders to form a collaborative network supporting this initiative.
  5. Develop a clear, actionable plan for establishing and sustaining the national scientific publishing platform.

Details of the events are here

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