RUFORUM and WACREN are implementing their MoU, with special interest on delivering state-of-the-art digital services to higher education institutions at scale and with reduced costs to support open access and open science in Africa. In order to achieve full utilization of this services, awareness creation and engagement with relevant stakeholders is to be undertaken during the African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM AGM 2022 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The RUFORUM Secretariat and WACREN working through the LIBSENSE programme will show case the achievements made through support from this collaboration.

The aim of this session is to showcase open science services to RUFORUM community. To achieve this, the following objectives will be pursued:

  1. Discuss the role of Research Data Management.
  2. Validate our pilot study for the needs assessment for the Research Data Management
  3. Develop Research Data Management Policies through Focus Group discussion.

This session will be a blended event where some participants will attend face-to-face while others will attend virtually through a Zoom link ( There will be three main sessions, each directed towards achieving an objective from among the objectives stated above.

At the end of the Workshop, it is expected that the RUFORUM community of researchers will recognise the role of Research Data Management in the research process. Also, the needs assessment work done on Research Data Management would have been validated. Finally, it is expected that policies bothering on Research Data Management would have been discussed and developed.